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Dr Soldado specializes in problems of the upper extremity of the child and in the reconstruction techniques micorquirúrgicas extremity of children.

Throughout his career he has focused its efforts on refining strategies and treatment techniques in the fields described. This has visited and worked with multiple reference centers in the world. The most influential figure in his training has been his mentor and friend Scott Kozin in Philadelphia, USA (Shriner's Hospital for Children).

The level of excellence in medical practice in the child's hand and microsurgery makes him responsible for this pathology in Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (centro hospitalario universitario) y Centro Médico Teknon.

Dr Soldado always had an academic and scientific approach in medicine as a strategy to enhance their progress. In this sense, experimental research, is an important element in their work. Dr Soldado is a member of the research team and Bioengineering in Orthopedics Pediatric Surgery Research Institute Vall d'Hebron where he leads the research of pediatric upper extremity.

Teaching also plays a role in the professional life of Dr Soldado. Besides participating in the training of residents in orthopedics and trauma, is Associate Professor at the Department of Human Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

In the following sections can obtain information on the production of Dr Soldado in the field health, education and research.

Obstetric brachial palsy
Brachial Plexus Birth Palsy: Definition and Mechanisms of Injury:
Risk of brachial plexus birth palsy. Necessary diagnostic tests.
BPBP treatment: physical therapy and surgery
Shoulder problems in children with BPBP
Prevention and Risk of IRCS and DGH
Diagnosis and Treatment of Shoulder Dysplasia
What doctor does my baby need?
Clinical experience of Dr Soldado
Short or absent thumb: thumb hypoplasia
Deviated wrist: radial and ulnar clubhand
Short fingers: Brachydactyly, symbrachydactyly, amniotic band syndrome
Less fingers: cleft hand and ulnar clubhand
Extra fingers or thumb: Polydactyly
Glued fingers or syndactyly
Cerebral Palsy
Definition, overview and assessment of cerebral palsy
Upper extremity problems in children with spastic hemiparesis
Nonsurgical treatment of spastic hemiparesis
The upper extremity in cerebral palsy with spastic tetraparesis
Surgical treatment of spastic hemiparesis
Pediatric vascular microsurgery: overview
Bone loss reconstruction I: Vascularized fibula transfer
Bone loss reconstruction II: Periosteum transfer of vascularized fibula
Bone recalcitrant nonunion or pseudoarthrosis
Bone revascularization (osteonecrosis, aseptic necrosis)
Joint reconstruction. Transfer of epiphysis and growth plate of the vascularized fibula
Reimplantation and revascularization
Functional muscle transfer (vascularized and innervated)
Skin loss coverage
Overview of fractures
Typical bone fractures in children
Treatment of fractures in children: overview
Classification and treatment of physeal fractures
Fractures of the shoulder girdle, shoulder and arm of the child
Elbow fractures of the child
Fractures of the forearm and wrist of the child
Hand fractures in children
Upper extremity injuries of the child
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